Forex Profit Multiplier By Bill Poulos Made 384+ Pips In Just 12 Hours On Monday!

By in Forex Signals on December 25, 2010

Watch this shocking Forex Profit Multiplier FREE Presentation just now. This is your last chance to get the FPM Custom Trade Alert Software that takes only 60 seconds to predict the 8 hour trends on the six major pairs! Download this 17 page Disciplined Trader Report by Norman Hallet FREE that is being called the Report of the Year. Discover how to turn yourself from a struggling to a consistently profitable trader with this disciplined trader report. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade.

The Forex Profit Multiplier will be LIVE in a matter of minutes! Make sure you watch the ENTIRE presentation on that page — it reveals some BRAND NEW, SURPRISE EXTRAS you’re going to get when you enroll in the program today…I’ve been following Bill Poulos for some time, and I can say without hesitation that the Forex Profit Multiplier is his HIGHEST VALUE trading program he’s ever released. It’s so good, that I think he’ll probably end up doubling the price, so if you’re ready to add on another safe, predictable income stream with Forex, go and get this NOW…I just found out that when you enroll today, you’ll get to INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD Bill’s trade alert software that he showcased to you last week.

I just got this note from Forex Profit Multiplier developer Bill Poulos that I want to share for those of you who have been inquiring about recent trade alerts with Bill’s software. Well, I took a look myself, and here’s what happened in the first 12 hours of Monday. These are actual trade alerts that the current Forex Profit Multiplier students got: (the first number is total pips on first half of trade, and second number is total pips on second half of trade)

* GBP/USD: +41 / +82. Total = +123 pips.

* AUD/USD: +32 / +64. Total = +96 pips.

* USD/JPY: +21 / 0 (stopped out at breakeven). Total = +21 pips.

* USD/CAD: +21 / +42. Total = +63 pips.

* USD/CHF: +27 / +54. Total = +81 pips.


Not bad for spending a few seconds here and there throughout the day. Now, to be fair, not all days will be this good. Some will be worse, and some could be much better. But when it’s good, it can be REALLY GOOD. To join Bill’s Forex Profit Multiplier students, go ahead and claim your copy here right now!

Norman Hallet from the Disciplined Trader Program: I just got off the phone with Greg Poulos, the son of ‘Forex Profit Multiplier’ developer Bill Poulos, who shared with me that I want to share Bill’s trading results for TODAY, using his FPM software. Well, I took a look myself, and here’s what happened in the first 12 hours of Monday: +384 Pips. Time is short as they are running their “Second Chance” offer today for this software and the window is closing. And, as Always, Stay Disciplined!

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    oh give us a break on that particular day anyone with no experience could make the same amount of pipes i have no experience then i did it only with a plain chart now also want too know are you associated with pipes multiplier the one with the Ferrari promote hes a million dollar if so hes going too be the most fraud on the forex the strategy do not work at all many signals but none generated i can do better you peoples should be put in jail for false information

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    some body please give a link from where to download forex profit multiplier

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