Forex Pips Gizmo Forex Scalper Blueprint By Rahul That Makes 15-30 Pips Anytime With 5-15 Pips Stop Loss!!

By in Forex Systems on February 12, 2021

Discover the Forex Scalper Blueprint that makes 15-30 pips anytime with a 5-15 pips stop loss. Try Forex Pips Gizmo RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Read this High Probability Forex Breakout Trades Kindle eBook by Corey Bricker that shows a simple trend line strategy for trading the breakouts on H1 and H4 timeframes. Just one or two of these Forex Breakout Trades can make something like 100-200 pips per week.

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Rahul the developer of Forex Pips Gizmo: Have you ever run into forex strategies that make you 10-15 pips per trade? Well, that is scalping! And it is a highly popular way of trading. If my guess is correct, about 25-30% of traders, especially day traders do scalping. BUT, most of the traders don’t approach scalping correctly. They make huge mistakes and so get burnt!

The most common mistake they make is

“They aim to make 10-15 pips per trade by RISKING 50 Pips or sometimes 100 pips per trade”

Well that is not trading! Imagine you had 7 winning trades! Great! From these 7 trades, you made total of 100 pips! Excellent! But, then you have a trade which moves in the other direction..And hits your stop loss! OOPS! All the profit you made in those 7 trades is averaged out by this losing trade.

But, to be honest, that is how most of the traders approach scalping! Because, that is how most of the scalping systems tell them to do so.!! If you are frustrated by same experience, let me help you out. Forex Pips Gizmo includes 2 trading strategies

1. Forex Scalping Blueprint – An amazing forex Scalping strategy that is based on the correct fundamentals –

a. The strategy focuses on making 10-15 pips or sometimes more by risking between 5 to 15 pips only! (There is hardly any other scalping strategy out there that I know of that asks traders to risk such low number of pips!)

b. clear cut instructions on precisely when to enter a trade and when to exit so that there is no scope of ambiguity

c. Everything is explained in details with manuals & videos

d. Highly profitable and easy to understand strategy

e. You’ll learn how to recognize a good trading opportunity from a BAD one!

2. Forex Trend Rider – An amazing Forex Trend trading strategy

a. Find out how to take massive advantage of a trend when the trend has just started and end up making huge profits..As high as 300-400 pips!

b. How to implement trade management principles so that you maximize your profits per trade!

c. How to have trades that require little maintenance… Almost “set and forget” style trades.

Yes, you read it right. Forex Pips Gizmo includes 2 amazing strategies One for Scalping and the other for trend trading!

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