Forex Bully Trade Alerts And Forex Interval Trading

By in Forex Systems on December 3, 2019

Download the Forex Bully Identifier and the Multiplier Indicators FREE. Forex Bully turned $10K into $1.8 Billion. Yeah, this is true. Learn Forex Interval Trading from Scott Downing. Learn how forex interval trading can help you beat the crowd in the forex market. Get this award winning Forex Trading System that made 1,306.50% in just 1 month of live trading competition. Steve Hoftland: “Look! Just got this latest feedback from one of Forex Bully’s proud owners: “In the last 2 days on a $3,000 demo acct I am up $503.52. Looks like you guys got this robot down! Keep up the good work and I will be a life long customer! And no, we’re not trying to sell you on Forex Bully either. It’s sold out. And I honestly don’t know when and if we will open up again.

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The point of this email is to invite you to our 10th Client Appreciation Summit: As we celebrate our 10th year anniversary in MANAGING hedge funds and high-end clients’ capital, we’re putting together this special summit. And we’d like to invite you to join us.Registration is free and only takes you a few seconds:

I sincerely hope you can make the time to participate in this summit. It will be an exhilarating FX educational and hands-on training session. I’ll see you then…On a 4-hour chart EUR/USD, a bearish engulfing candle is about to form. This could signal a new bearish move, consistent with the short-term bearish trend on this pair. I would look to go short on EUR/USD after a pull back.

On another note, one of my colleagues is holding a special 10th customer-appreciation training summit for his high-end clients. And I managed to snatch a few tickets to give away to my subscribers. Here’s the link to get your free ticket if you’re interested:

GBP/JPY just bounced off its channel resistance line on both weekly and 4-hour charts. This should indicate a short trading opportunity. If you’re having any short positions, keep in mind that the channel support 131.50 level should be good for taking profits. Anyway, just a reminder about TODAY’S exclusive 10th Client Appreciation Summit… You’re cordially invited. This is not open to the public. So please keep this under your hat.”

As soon as I watched the video below from Scott Downing I knew I wanted to share it with you. Scott’s recent video looks at how 95% of Forex traders miss the easiest and most CONSISTENT trade set-ups on a daily basis. The one thing that caught me off guard was just how ‘in your face’ some of these set-ups were. I mean I’ve been trading for a long time, with a lot of success, but seeing how anyone could be playing these set-ups made me laugh at how many people were missing them!

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    Assuming you’ve got 3-5 years of very good trading relsuts with stocks your risk management techniques are exceptional . then Forex may be worthwhile to look at. If you don’t have these skills and experience chances are ridiculously high that you’ll destroy much of your portfolio.There are no good Forex brokers. Three of the least bad are;GFTFXCMInterbankFXGood luck. Take six months to a year to learn the basics before you trade. Was this answer helpful?

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