Forex AutoScaler Tool Lets You Bank 75 Pips Every Time Price Moves 20 Pips; 105 Pips On A 30 Pip Move And 165 Pips On A 40 Pip Move!

By in Trading Tools on November 19, 2012

Test this Forex AutoScaler tool on your demo account for 45 days. Download this Trend Entry Indicator plus the PipStat Tool FREE. Amazing new Forex AutoScaler tool lets you bank 75 pips every time price moves 20 pips; 105 pips on a 30 pip move; 165 pips on a 40 pip move! Forex AutoScaler is software designed for the MT4 platform that allows you to “scale in” to winning trades (scale in means add additional positions to your original trade) giving you 2, 3, 4 even 10 times the profit you would otherwise make with just a single trade. But at the same time, by using the Trailing Stop technology built into Forex AutoScaler, you can limit your losses to no more than what you might have lost if your single trade went bad on you.

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Let me ask you a question: If you were in a trade that moved 20 pips in your favor, how many pips would you expect to make on that trade? If you answered 20 pips, you really need to take a look at a new Forex trading tool developed by Jeff Glenellis (of Renko Charts fame)…It’s called Forex AutoScaler, and it allows you to make 75 pips on a 20 pip trade. You can make 105 pips on a 30 pip trade and amazing 165 pips on a 40 pip trade.

I can’t remember the last time I made 165 pips on ANY trade, much less one that only went 40 pips. Jeff is planning a big launch set for around the first of December and he’s going to charge at least $97 for a single license, but he agreed to let me offer this to my own list exclusively for just $49. But this offer is limited to the first 200 people who take action and claim a copy of AutoScaler for themselves. After that he’s taking the site down to get it ready for his launch.

Since almost 10,000 traders already know about it (most of whom would KILL to consistently bank 75-150 pips on simple 20 and 30 pip moves) I’m guessing it won’t be available for more than a day or two. So don’t put this off. If you want to start banking some major pips on some minor trades, check this Forex Auto Scaler. Do it now while there is still a copy of Forex AutoScaler left for you to own. When you download Forex Auto Scaler, you also get:

1. Lifetime FREE Upgrades- Jeff Glenellis is planning a number of upgrades in the next few months.

2. Videos and PDFs that show the best methods that can help you spot 20+ pip moves in the market.

3. Forex Earthquake eBook FREE download-This eBook is considered to be the best primer when it comes to spotting breakouts using chart formations. Most of these breakouts have the potential to move 20+ pips.

4. 5 different chart setups, timeframes and indicators that help Jeff spot 20+ pip moves easily.

5. How to trade Gold using Forex AutoScaler-trading gold with this Forex Auto-Scaler is like trading currencies on steroids.

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