Elliott Wave Prophet Software Plugin That Doubles The Account Every Month-A FREE Gift From Cristina!

By in Technical Indicators on February 27, 2012

Download the Scientific Forex Elliott Wave Prophet Indicator FREE. Forex Envy is making a monthly gain of 70.42%. Try Forex Envy RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account. She’s doubling her money using this and will gift it to you today…This ingenious and simple plug in makes Elliot Wave easy and profitable. And she’s just going to give it to you today. It’s just one of the scientific tools she uses to squeeze money out of the markets like toothpaste from a brand new tube.

Cristina, the math genus turned trader that all of Forex is talking about, has teamed up with one of the best and brightest programmers on the planet to create a really useful piece of software. Here’s why you’ll want this now.

Elliot Wave theory is one of the most reliable and studied ways to accurately predict price moves in the market and enter into good trades. Cristina thought that the concept was too powerful to ignore and she had her programmer make a simple plug-in for your charts that will instantly show you where the market is going. And she’s just giving it away today right here. It may just be a test marketing “today only” thing. I don’t know but right now I know it’s available on the house right here. Here’s what I do know:

•No restrictions and fully functioning.

•She says it will soon be sold for $499.00

•Does all the hard work for you.

•It automatically calculates the probable levels that the price will reach once you have placed it at the waves that form.

•Automatically installs.

•One of the most advanced I’ve seen.

•Can be used on any timeframe.

And she’s making it available today for zerodinero… Here’s how it works: No matter which one of the waves the price is currently on, you just drag and drop the points to the corresponding wave and the rest of the Elliot waves are plotted out for you. What this tool does is simplify the process of applying the waves on your charts and helps you see where the price may potentially go based on the Elliot wave theory. You don’t get confused about the direction since the waves adjust automatically based on the direction of the first wave. So, you avoid trading on the wrong side, saving your account from a hit. No need to draw the lines yourself, the software allows you to drag and move it around on the charts. No need to add individual trendlines.

$499.00 software, gratis? No one else I know is sharing so much and helping so many struggling traders. This software that you can download completely complementary right here is just one of the things she uses to see…

161.12% gain in a month. Consistent gains over 100%. Who is the new superstar of the Forex world that is doing this and what does she have to do with you? Her name is Cristina Ciurea and everything. Her, and her new scientific method for trading are lighting up social media like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. It’s no wonder. Most traders wouldn’t dare show their results. Cristina not only shows her live results, she posts her signals as well.

And when you are posting one day trades that net figures like $9348.00 and $22,638.00 on facebook and then start helping other people get similar results…Then start giving out $499 software just for the taking right here…Well, the Forex world just kind of falls in love with you. Since winning the biggest Forex competition in the world in 2011 going up against 2900 of the best traders on the planet… and annihilating them with 161.12% one month gain in live money trading, she has been taking the Forex world by storm.

She is a math and financial genius from Romania who has been quietly working on a system for trading that uses deadly accurate proven scientific methods for determining precisely when to enter and exit a trade. Her new Scientific Forex System, which is the exact system she uses to trade every day and what she used to win the Surefire Trading Competition with a 161.12% gain, is still a bit of a secret but those who have seen it, and are using it, are calling it:

“The first REAL scientific innovation in trading the markets, with complete and total confidence, ever created.” Don’t forget to get this while it’s still complementary.

On Monday, February 28th she says she is going to not only prove that her new scientific system for trading works better than anything that has ever come before it, she is going to explain why. She is limiting it to something like 750 people though and the notification list is close to a million people. It really could sell out in minutes. You could get a complementary copy of the entire system just for leaving a comment though. Just recently, she finally gave into the all the please for help and offered to do some one hour, on one coaching and people were lined up to get in like 15 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert. It sold out at $500.00 each in ONE MINUTE AND THIRTY


$500.00 an hour and sells out in under two minutes? That doesn’t happen. But it did. Point is she is someone to pay attention to. Grab this software and leave a comment to get your copy of Scientific Forex on the house…I am watching every move she makes with a magnifying glass so I will keep you posted on what else she does to help us traders. Don’t forget to leave a comment to get your gratis copy of Scientific Forex.

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