Undoubtedly every single trader heard something about managed trading. Despite the fact that the terminology of fx trading account management has nearly always been used between traders, new people to trading in foreign exchange market regularly do not pay attention to its meaning. In this discussion we will make an attempt to figure out what

Corporate events are a frequent occurrence in the Share Market. Generally your CFD position will mirror the corporate actions linked to owning the underlying share. Holders of a CFD position can participate in corporate actions, including share splits and rights issues though in certain situations where a corporate action involves several options your CFD provider

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Setting up a private money management budget is a great spot to begin any money management plan. Our personal money management habits figure out what we do with the money that we have got and earn. The way we handle our income is what will decide whether we reach our financial goals, and whether true

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What Are Bitcoins and How Do You Mine Them? Have you every heard about Bitcoins? Bitcoin is a virtual currency, but it can be used to buy actual items such as cars or food. Anyone can create it, and is not subject to the control of the banks. In recent weeks, we heard a lot

When you have a discussion about investor relations, you refer to a staff or a third-party firm that handles the finance, selling, security laws, and communications of a certain organization, like one ran by a colleague of mine in New York, named Josh Yudell. Investor relations assign a great way to communicate between constituencies, the

In this article I will explain why proper money management planning should be the most important part of your investment preparation. If you have never implemented money management in your investing/trading, read the 5 basic principles described in this article and learn how to use your capital properly in your financial activity. What is money

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