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Intention is essential to being an outstanding trader. Let me first talk briefly about intention from a Taoist Tai Chi perspective and then how it applies within the world of Forex trading. When I teach a Tai Chi or Qigong form to my students, I can teach the exact same form, but attain different goals

Bravery Under Stressful Conditions When the result is Uncertain All the foreign exchange trading knowledge in the world is not going to help, unless you have the nerve to buy & sell currencies & put your money in danger. As with the lottery “You gotta be in it to win it”. Trust me when I

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All the different trading strategies have flooded the world with noise and clamour creating a very slippery ground for traders. Every single system claims that it is only them who can bring you the final success and they are the only one who can deliver you the desired profits. The disadvantageous situation that this trend

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Balance is the first lesson I discovered myself that brought about being a better Forex trader, and it was something I took from my practice of Tai Chi. I was anything but balanced in the very beginning, spending countless hours monitoring charts, taking way too many trades, and watching with great anxiety as my over-leveraged

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