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Trading DMA CFDs offers great leverage and flexibility to investors. If you make this choice it will be easier for you to make more profits in less time. Even more – this type of trading is safer than usual share dealing. This can be simply explained. The point is that CFD trading provides an opportunity

Let’s start from the fact that CFD or Contract for Difference is nothing more than an agreement to exchange the difference in value of a particular share. As a matter of fact the price change is derived from the difference between the time at which the contract is opened and the time at which it

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Honestly speaking, the principle of Contracts for Difference is not that complicated to understand as it might seem at first. CFD is defined by the fact that two parties, a purchaser and a seller, have entered into a contract. In the terms of this agreement, the purchaser agrees to pay the seller the price that

Today there can be found numerous ways to earn at home and forex day trading is one of them. Let’s try to get what the day trading is all about. As a matter of fact when day trading you have to buy and sell the stock or currency within one day. Individuals that consider themselves