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Over the past 4 years I’ve traded foreign exchange with many companies both in Australia and abroad, during this time I’ve experienced the best and worst of the forex markets and also the best and worst of forex brokers in general. I have dealt with market makers, fixed spread providers and on electronic communication networks

As starting to trade Forex many people are making a number of common mistakes. To avoid such typical pitfalls you have to bare in mind several important details about Forex trading. These are some of them. The first thing you need to know is that you should trade pairs, not currencies. As a matter of

First of all, let’s find out what CFDs are? Generally, CFD or in other words: contract for difference, is financial derivative products. Typically, this products are traded in stock markets. As a rule traders get their profits from an increase or decrease of price of this products on stock market. Alternatively speaking, CFDs are a

Before you start trading CFDs you need to discover the most common assets on which CFDs are accessible. So, here they are: 1. Equities. Equities CFDs are bought in line with the underlying price of a stock that it follows. 2. Indices. CFDs related to indices are bought in order to imitate the inherent price

Each of you, I am sure, is dreaming of a good future, expensive house, big car, interesting job, and a lot of money. Yes, this is the goal of many people and in order to achieve it they do both good things and bad ones. And what about to live and work on an island

Nearly all CFD brokers in Australia offer CFDs over the shares making up the ASX top 300, the rationale behind this is simple, shares with a larger market capitalisation tend to be much more liquid. Several CFD companies forget that we live in Australia, a country rich in resources and of course also rich in

If you made a decision to start dealing with CFDs then, in all probability, you already are knowledgeable about that CFD trading results in profits from the difference between the prices of different shares. It goes without saying that a person, who is really enthusiastic about trading CFDs and making money this way, needs to

To start with there is a need to indicate that CFDs (Contracts For Difference) are the variety of trading that allows a different way to guess on shares within international markets. Actually, two parties make an agreement in which it is stated that at the end of the contract or termination of the deal, they

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