Disciplined Trader Training Program By Norman Hallet

By in Day Trading on November 23, 2020

Download this 17 page Disciplined Trader PDF by Norman Hallet that is being called the Report of the Year. Watch this shocking 30 minutes Stock Trading video. Turn $200 into $100K in 1 month with this FREE Penny Stock Trading Report that shows how to find killer penny stocks. Norman Hallet: How long are you going to let that keep happening? Vipul Mehta, one of our “The Disciplined Trader” Graduates, took steps to make sure that Blowout Trades were a thing of the past. In this 3 minute video, he tells you how… As people, and especially as traders, it important to understand the simple truth that …

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I’m not saying that we can singlehandedly turn a lousy economy into a good one, or close our eyes, do a little wishing, and open our eyes again to see a chart up trending instead of down. What I AM saying is that as traders, we can short the market, stand aside and collect interest, sell call premiums, or do any number of things to prosper as markets do..well… whatever they’re going to do. Point is… we ARE in control as traders. We need a plan that we can trust. We backtest and forwardtest, and then commit to running that plan with discipline!

We win! That’s exactly what Vipul Mehta did. He took control and quadrupled his profit levels (his words). In this 3 minute video, Vipul explains how he achieved greatness while other traders are frozen (hint: He used to have that one trade every month that took all the profit he had accumulated to that point. No more. Here’s how)…

Congratulations to you, Vipul! Are YOU next to trade with TOTAL DISCIPLINE? There is only a short time left to reserve your seat for upcoming online training…”The Disciplined Trader Training And Support Program. The training starts January 10th, but you must register NOW. But before you do, view the life-changing results, Vipul experienced… Spots are filling up fast, so please act now.

BECAUSE the window for you to register for our next “The Disciplined Trader Training And Support Program” is closing shortly… AND…For those who have are still considering if they “need” more trading discipline,.. I thought I’d offer this Trading Discipline Quiz.. SO…Here is your Trader’s Quiz along with the Answer Sheet.

Now, this is a quiz to measure the state of your personal trading discipline… so HONESTY with yourself is the best policy. No-one will see the results but you. So be true to yourself in your answers. I’ve made the Quiz and the Answer Sheet two separate downloads, so that you can download the Quiz first and take some time to sit back and take the quiz. Then, after you’re satisfied with your responses, go ahead and come back to this email and download the Answer Sheet. You’ll get maximum value this way.

OK.. here we go! (please keep this link confidential.. it is ONLY for my subscribers)… If you a want to share this quiz with fellow traders, please send them here…Thank you and enjoy the Quiz! and, as always…Stay Disciplined!

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