Disciplined Trader $5,000 Worth Of Top 6 Trading Systems Bonuses!

By in Day Trading on December 3, 2020

Download this Disciplined Trader 17 page Report by Norman Hallet that is being called the Report of the Year FREE. Turn $200 into $100K in just 1 month with this FREE Penny Stock Trading Report. Watch this shocking 30 minutes Stock Trading video just now. Norman Hallett here from The Disciplined Trader: Trading Discipline doesn’t have much value if you don’t have a trading system that is right for you.I mean, being disciplined to run a lousy trading system will only lead you to ruin! That’s why 6 Top Trading Experts are offering their trading systems to you…

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=> Bill Poulos’ ‘Super Divergence Blueprint’ – FREE.
A tried and true trading system that has been one of his most popular for 4 years running.

=> Steve Nison’s ‘Candlestick Quickstart’- FREE
From the Godfather of Candlestick charting.

=> Hubert Senters’ ‘Swingtrading Stocks and Eminis’ – FREE
This one is being sold right now on their site for $895!

=> Dustin Pass’ ‘Straddle Trader EA’ – FREE
Elegantly sets your points above and below the markets.

=> Price Headleys’ ‘Using Williams %R’ – FREE
Terrific technical analysis tool used by top traders.

=> Todd Mitchell’s ‘My Favorite EMini Strategy’ – FREE
a top technique from the new kid on the block.

PLUS… A ticket to my upcoming ‘The Disciplined Trader LIVE Event’ being held at the Trump Resort Hotel in Miami Beach in May – A 3-day learning extravaganza that will be the Event of the Year! – FREE…All the above is FREE with your joining us
for our next “The Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program”.

Look at your trading results for 2010, then ask yourself,

“How much more profitable would I have been if I were ice-in-the-veins disciplined in my trading?”

If you are ready to turn frustration into consistent trading profitability in 2011, see what our popular “The Disciplined Trader” program has to offer and get all the above bonuses FREE…Hurry… the registration deadline is almost here and, as always…Stay Disciplined! I emailed some of our past “The Disciplined Trader” Students and asked if they’d like to help Tisha and I answer questions about the Program. Even though it was short notice, 3 students said, “We’d love to”.

So, today at 7pm Eastern Time, join us at the Webinar and ask all your questions about The Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program. Because this is the last day of Registration for our upcoming “The Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program”, signups are fast and furious. But I’m still getting emails asking me questions about the Program. So, tonight at 7PM Eastern Time, Tisha (my wife and Creative Director of our firm) and I will be fielding any and all questions about TDTT&S Program.

You don’t have to register for this Webinar and there is not password required. Just click the link below right before 7pm and you’re in! DON’T let an unanswered question about The Disciplined Trader Program be an EXCUSE for you not being The Disciplined Trader in 2011. Here is your official invitation to the Q&A Webinar…


You are invited to the following online web conference event:

Name: The Disciplined Trader Training And Support Program Q&A
with Norman and Tisha Hallett
Date: 12/15/2010
Time: 19:00 US/Eastern (7PM ET)

There is no registration for this event. You may enter the event up to 30 minutes before the start of the event but you cannot enter 60 minutes after the event has started. If you’ve never heard Tisha talk on the subject of Trading Discipline, you are in for a treat! She’s an expert on the subconscious mind.

How much more money would you have made if you were TOTALLY disciplined in your trading in 2010? Are you ready to BE TOTALLY DISCIPLINED in your trading for 2011? Today is the last day to register for the most comprehensive and effective “trading discipline training” in the world… After clicking the link above, make sure you see…

1. The $4,010 worth of Bonuses that supporters of our Program are giving you if you decide to become The Disciplined Trader.

2. The Free Ticket I’m giving you to our The Disciplined Trader LIVE Event at the Trump Resort in Miami.

3. All the video testimonials from past students of our program who have gone from struggle to success in their trading.

4. The complete explanation of The Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program, which includes One-on-One Coaching, and a year of Support on our Graduate Site.

…. and much more.

This is the TENTH TIME we are running the Training, so you will be the recipient of all we have learned along the way to get you disciplined in your trading, FASTER and MORE COMPLETELY than ever before.

How more more profitable would you have been in 2010 if you were not making mental and emotional errors repeatedly? Join us for our Program, beginning January 10th.

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