CopyLiveTrades Trading Room Review!

By in Day Trading on January 4, 2020

Copy Live Trades of two PRO traders. Discover a Forex Robot that has made more than 3,400% NET PROFIT since it started trading live from 1st Jan 2009 and download the Forex Auto Detector Software FREE that can increase the profitability of any forex robot by 53% and more. Get this award winning Forex Trading System FREE that made 1,306.50% in 1 month of live trading competition.

Adrian Scott: “We’ve almost reached FULL capacity for the Live Trading Room. Once we’re closed, there’s no guarantee we’ll ever be back again. This isn’t the kind of thing you’ll come across for a long time – that I can guarantee. We want YOU on board and we’re taking all of the risk out of the equation with our cast-iron 31 day money guarantee. Our traders can’t devote their time to an endless number of members. For that reason – spots are HIGHLY limited.Don’t miss this!

There are just a handful of memberships left for the brand NEW Live Trading Room. If you haven’t yet grabbed your 31-day RISK-FREE TRIAL you need to head here right now: If you’re still sitting on the fence (which is commendable as we encourage cynicism in this industry with all the filthy rubbish that comes out), READ THIS!

Trading Room Review, Mike Riccio

“After Only Two Sessions You Gave Me Hope Again…”

“I just wanted to write a few words of appreciation about the quality of your service. After just 2 sessions I saw and heard your service was different. First of all, the great service from Sue (admin) for some additional information. Also, it is the first time I attended an online seminar that the host is on time ! Yes, that tells me a lot about how a person respects others. I like the quality of your information, The quality of your answers to all traders, the Very visual webinar with charts, indicators and most importantly the comments. Your explanations are short, direct and not complicated.

If you allow me to say; after almost 5 years of Forex, almost full time and over $20,000 later in all sorts of useless tools, seminars, busted bankrolls, I was about to quit. I became so gun shy to pull the trigger for a trade that I was down and reduced to even being afraid of busting a demo account ! After only 2 sessions, you gave me hope once again. Cheers…”

Mike Riccio,


We’re SO excited to see all the news members flooding into our Live Room and we want YOU to join too. Unfortunately our traders can’t interact with the world so places are highly limited. Just a handful of positions remain. NOW is the time to take action and change your trading account FOR GOOD.”

Just wanted to remind you that the final countdown is well and truly underway. How often do you get the chance to COPY the trades of two traders, of 15 years experience, LIVE 5-times weekly and 3-times daily? And they’re no ordinary traders, as you should know by now.

In just 16 months these guys racked up an astonishing 28,240 pips! These are REAL, documented results and include every single trade. Not just the cherry-picked ones to try and make themselves look good. With the dedicated support they offer, it’s obvious that this is HIGHLY limited.

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