By Sam Perdue If you have just learned technical analysis, you may be overwhelmed by all the indicators that you have to base your predictions on. You may not be able to use all the indicators and be able to make a decision on time, so we’re listing down the 5 best technical indicators used

By John Templeton I know that there are certainly a lot of traders out there who are looking for forex trading forecasts. They want somebody else to tell them when to buy, sell, open, or close a trade. For whatever reason, they feel as if they can’t make these kind of forecasts, themselves. That’s absolutely

By M. Heitkoetter Day Trading is a very lucrative field and there are many millionaires that have made their money by trading stocks, currency, bonds, and investing in mutual funds. Day Trading is clearly a phenomenon of our times. It is one of the most popular forms of trading because the only components you need

By David R Bailey Having the answer to things like “where will the EUR/USD move to by the end of the day” would be worth a few pips in anyone’s book. More than likely a whole lot more than a few. Anybody with the power to tell the future would make a pretty fine forex

In this article I will explain why proper money management planning should be the most important part of your investment preparation. If you have never implemented money management in your investing/trading, read the 5 basic principles described in this article and learn how to use your capital properly in your financial activity. What is money

By Nicholas Swezey Forex, which is short for Foreign Exchange, is another term for currency trading. The goal of forex is try to profit by trading the ever-changing currency exchange rates, such as the Euro versus the U.S. Dollar. Exchange Rate Example One of the most popular currency pairs is the EUR/USD, which tracks the

By Norman Fleming Here are some of the most common terms used in FOREX trading. Ask Price – Sometimes called the Offer Price, this is the market price for traders to buy currencies. Ask Prices are shown on the right side of a quote – e.g. EUR/USD 1.1965 / 68 – means that one euro

By Max D. The forex market was unavailable to retail investors until the mid-1990s. That was when the growth of the Internet gave so-called average investors their first opportunity to try to make pips in the world’s largest financial market. Prior to that, the world of forex trading was dominated by brokerage houses, investment funds

By Shawn Seah Technical analysis is an investment approach, with a focus on price patterns to make investment decisions, as opposed to fundamental analysis. What, then, is pattern analysis? Pattern analysis is the interpretation of charts and the interpretation of patterns from those charts. This will be discussed in this article about a basic introduction

By James Woolley Technical indicators are used by the vast majority of forex traders because they can help you to identify strong trading positions. It is possible to trade just using price but it’s a lot easier if you use certain technical indicators as well. So how can you successfully use these indicators? Well firstly