Abe’s Forex Signals Make 4318 Pips In 3 Months!

By in Forex Signals on January 23, 2018

Try Abe’s Forex Signals RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Discover a Forex Indicator that makes 1000 pips per week consistently on average! A few months after the launch of Abe’s Forex Signals & Automation, and no further introductions are necessary – Abe has already established himself as the hottest trader in the Forex community. First of all, Abe is the first Forex trader who agreed to trade under your supervising eyes. He has placed a webcam in his trading room, and also lets you see his trading screens, and his robot’s screen.

But must importantly, his bottom line is truly impressive. Members of Abe’s service have enjoyed +461 pips on his manual trading signals and +459 pips from his robot’s signals, for a total +920 pips. Abe (Tal Abraham) is the man behind the service and with 17 years of experience in the field he is a great source of signals and trades, giving YOU a unique chance to profit.

Abe’s signals are joined by signals from his Automated Trading System. This system will trade alongside Abe and is a proven source of great signals, undoubtedly one of the top Automated Trading Systems you will ever find. Abe offers several different ways of getting his signals, and you can also have them automatically traded on your account. All these great services are included in the monthly subscription!

Don’t miss out on this golden chance to be one of the elite group of people with access to Abe’s signals. Sign up now and you’ll finally see how a really successful Forex Signals service should be!

Tal Abraham on his Abe’s Forex Signals performance: The first month of my new signals service has been exciting, and we all got to know each other, got used to the tech stuff around and feeling comfortable. I’m happy to end this month with +461 pips on my manual signals and
+459 pips from my robot’s signals, which is a great start for 2012!

In total, we end January with +920 pips.

Remember, I’m here for the long run, and my goal is to continue producing consistent trading results. What does “consistent results” mean? A nice up rising account graph for all of us! Last month ended positively but was bumpy. Now when March has ended I’m glad to say we are back in business! To summarize the first 3 months of the signals service:

Jan 2012: +928
Feb 2012: +1654
Mar 2012: +1736

Total pips since start: +4318 pips.

So, what happened in March? My robot had a great month and gave us +1613 pips. In my manual trading an additional +123 pips. Yes, there are months when the robot beats me, such as this month, and others when I beat it. Sometimes we’re almost even (like this January). But one can’t know in advance…That’s the reason I always say that the robot compliments my trading. I really appreciate all the support that I’m getting from this community, and want to thank you for being a loyal follower!

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