10Kto1MM Trading Formula Special Announcement

By in Day Trading on January 8, 2020

Discover the 10 To 1MM Trading Formula by Henry Liu. Download these News Trading Cheatsheets by Henry Liu FREE. Get these 3 Swing Trading Systems FREE. Henry Liu, the Newsprofiteer: We’ve reached Phase 1 of 12, which means we’ve generated 46% since the start of the program, and now we are going to start Phase 2 next week… There is a very small window of opportunity to join 10kto1mm next week, as I plan to accept only a handful of traders, so if you are interested in joining, I’ll be sending you an email this weekend and a reminder on Monday (11/29) for registration date and time… I expect to fully sell out all available seats in less than 12 hours, judging from the response of the initial launch… I’ll also hold a 1 hour Q&A live session just prior to the official launch, so you can ask any questions prior to joining the program… I look forward in working with you,

The Trade Plan
Since this is the second release of the 3rd quarter GDP, we’re not likely to get a huge surprise as most 2nd releases are pretty much inline. However, judging from the expected release of 0.8% and previous release of 0.8% (Prelim GDP), we may not get a surpriserelease after all. However, we’ll still be looking to trade the release using our after news retracement method. Our surprise factor is 0.3% as we’ll look to possibly SELL GBP/USD at 0.5% or worse, and BUY GBP/USD at 1.1% or better. Historically, there is a 80% of chance if our S. Factor is hit, the market will move up to 50~70 pips within the hour as GDP is a very high impact report.

U.S. New Home Sales usually follows the trend of Existing Home Sales, therefore we are likely to see an inline with expectation release. Here is the forecast: New Home Sales Forecast 310K Previous 307K


The Trade Plan
We’ll trade this release using a deviation of 70K; if the release is lower, it would strengthened risk aversion sentiment and we should look to BUY EURUSD or GBPUSD; if the number is higher, it could provide a temporary support for the pair and we may see a slight rally in USD/JPY, and we could SELL EURUSD instead if the market is showing bias towards selling Euro.
We’ll be looking for a possible after-news retracement trade. As I have explained in previous analysis, we need to wait for the release, wait for the market to spike, and wait for decentretracement. This is the 3 “W”s of Retracement Trading system. It is especially important to make sure there is a momentum during the spike before jumping in.

As of 11:18am today (Nov. 23, 2010), we’ve officially reached Phase 1 of 12 in our quest to 1 million, and I’m extremely pleased to say that it’s finally time to accept just a few more traders into the 10kto1mm program… Because you’ve are on my 10Kto1MM waiting list, I thought you may appreciate a special pre-sale announcement. There are only 50 seats available for the pre-launch, so if you are interested, now is the time to signup.

You can now essentially “skip” the line and join my program today,as the official launch will start next week and it will end as soon as all seats are taken… Judging from the turnout of my original launch, it could mean hours…Completing Phase 1 during one of the most volatile market conditions is not a small feat. Despite of USDJPY making new 15 year lows and AUDUSD at all-time highs, we were able to generate 46% return on the initial 10K account, and now heading towards Phase II comfortably…If you were waiting for proof before, now you’ve got it. Take advantage of the low pricing while we are still in the early stages, because once we reach phase III or IV, I’ll have no choice but to raise the price to keep members at a manageable level…

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