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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What exactly is Forex?
Forex is the world's largest financial market with an estimated daily average of $1.9 TRILLION. Forex traders have 24-hour access to a market with superior liquidity to all the equity markets in the world combined, plus, you can trade from home, your office or virtually anywhere in the world and receive rapid, accurate trade execution.
Q. How much money do I need to start trading?
This depends on the Broker you decide to open your account with. A new participant should first practice with a free demo trading account where “pretend” money is used. When you feel ready to trade with real money, a “mini” account can be opened with as little $250 USD.
Q. Do I need to have any specific trading experience in order to be successful?
No, you don't. You just need to open Forex trading account and know how to use your broker's platform (software) in order to place trading order.
Q. Can I start part-time from my home or office?
Yes, this is highly recommended before committing to full time trading. Subscribe to our free forex signals membership plan and start trading on demo or real Forex account.
Q. How can I pay for services?
We use (Secure credit card payment) as our payment processor. Don't have a PayPal account? Consider getting one FREE, Sign Up Here

Forex Signal Service

Q. Does it matter where I live?
Although our customer base is primarily Europeans, signal service can be accessed and implemented from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection or a portable e-mail device / mobile phone.
Q. At what times can I expect to receive your trade signals?
Since we cannot always be at our computer watching and trading the Forex market 24 hours each day, you'll only have to focus on our web-based trading signals less than 5 MINUTES a day (Monday-Thursday) at 12:30 GMT.
Q. How frequent will I receive your signals?
We don't send same number of signals each week. Average is 5 signals. It's possible that we don't generate any signal for a few days. It depends on the market.
Q. How specific are your trading signals?
Each trade signal delivered through our website (monthly subscribers will get email alert as well) in real-time with specific entry, exit and stop-loss points. See signal example here.
Q. How soon can I start trading?
Typically, you can start trading immediately through web-based signals. After signing up for the service you can usually expect to begin receiving signals within 24 hours (if signal occur).
Q. Which currency pairs do you trade?
Our Forex trading signals cover the 4 major currency pairs (the largest and most actively-traded currency markets) and more pairs if needed:
   EUR/USD – Euro vs. US Dollar
   USD/JPY - US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen
   GBP/USD - British Pound vs. US Dollar
   USD/CHF - US Dollar vs. Swiss Franc
Q. How to cancel my monthly subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, visit the "Membership Information" section and click the "Cancel" link in your payment history.
Canceling your subscription means that we will not automatically renew it at the end of your term. However, you will be able to use trading signals until your current subscription ends.

Trading Systems

Q. How soon can I receive the Trading System?
Within 24 business hours. After payment is complete you will be automatically redirected to register your Trading System License.
Q. Will I receive a User Manual?

Yes. On registration you will receive full installation and user instructions (illustrated user guide), so you can TEST AND USE our system the moment we release it to public.

Q. Which broker supports the Meta Trader 4 Trading Platform?

Meta Trader 4 is very popular and supported by more than 100 brokers. Please read Ryan Lee's manuscript on how to choose your forex broker (include TOP metatrader 4.0 brokers worldwide).

Q. Can I use the system on a mini account?

Yes. The system can be used on mini (10k lots) or standard (100k lots) accounts. Please indicate your account type on registration.

Q. When do I receive updates?

As long as your subscription is active you will receive constant updates through your account and by email.

Q. What exactly do I receive?

Subscription for our Automated Forex Trading Systems includes:
- Trading system for 100% automatic trading (EA file)
- Detailed user guide (illustrated)
- One-on-one technical and trading support

Q. Can I run more than one system on a single account/currency pair?

Yes. Every system offered by uses different “system ID number”.

Q. Is a Free trial available?
No, we don’t offer a free trial and have limited spots for every system.
Q. On how many accounts can I use the system?

On any live/demo accounts you registered on subscription (license holder).

Q. Do I need to have any specific knowledge in order to use your systems?

No, you don't. You just need to open Forex trading account (demo or real) and know how to use your broker's platform (software). Also, you will receive an illustrated user guide and full support.

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